Microsoft NonProfit


Microsoft are offering a selection of software, services, and training to nonprofit organisations, through their Corporate Citizenship programme.

For example they are donating Windows 8.1 for a low fee (this is £5 + VAT in the UK) to non-profit organisations!

You can read more about the  programme on Microsoft’s website –

In order to qualify for Microsoft’s nonprofit offerings, your organisation will have to pass their eligibility tests, and may possibly also sign a contract with Microsoft. The process may be different depending upon which country your charity is officially registered.

If you are based in the UK you will need to enroll through TT-Exchange – As long as you are already registered as a UK charity and meet their eligibility criteria, then the process is very quick and simple. Just fill in a form and submit it, and hopefully you’ll receive a confirmation email almost immediately.

TT-Exchange provide free/low-cost software to UK charities. Partners include Microsoft, Adobe, and many others. If you are a UK charity you should find out more about TT-Exchange.

If you are in the US, you will need to enroll through TechSoup.

International enrollment is handled through TechSoup Global.


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