Blogging is a way of publishing information (in the form of posts) to the Internet. A post can be an article, a diary entry, an image, or a video (if it’s on the Internet, it can be posted!).

A blog is a website that contains a number of posts, that appear in chronological order. A blog can be searched, in order to find posts containing relevant information. They are often categorised, and posts can be sorted by their category or keywords (blog tags).

A blog can exist by itself, or as a specific part of a website.

Blogs can be private, and only viewable by you, or by a group of authorised individuals (users) with permission to do so. Or a blog may be public, and viewable by anybody on the Internet.

Posts may be contributed by a single individual, an authorised group, or by anybody on the Internet.

A blog can also allow people to reply to a post by commenting. This can turn the blog into a community tool by facilitating a conversation around the post.

Blogs are a great way of keeping people informed about what your organisation is doing. You can keep people notified, interested, and aware at all levels, whilst also allowing them to take part by commenting, discussing, and contributing to the conversation.

Blogs can also be integrated with all of the popular social networks, allowing users to quickly share your posts onto the social network/s of their choice.

Here are some examples of blogs:

  • About the BBC.  Read about the many activities that are happening within the organisation.
  • Children In Need. The place to find the very latest news and information about the BBC’s official charity.
  • The British Red Cross. Posts from around the world from 1 of the oldest humanitarian organisations. Keeping people aware of how the world’s ongoing environmental and political problems affect normal people.
  • The Guardian Newpaper. The Guardian have blogs for all of their main areas of news. Here is their Globalisation blog.

Blogs can be small, or large. They can be very simple, or complex. They can encompass 1 subject, or many.

But they always start small!


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