Twitter is a social network that is ideal for sharing links, and broadcasting messages. It has a message (know as a ‘tweet’) size limit of 140 characters, which allows users to quickly scan through a large amount (a ‘stream’) of tweets, and read those that gain their attention.

Once you have created your Twitter account and selected your username, you can search through the entire stream of tweets for any search term, in much the same way as you would use Google to search for web pages.

You’ll notice that tweets are posted by users, these may be individuals, or organisations. And if you find a user that is posting tweets that you feel are interesting to you, or if you feel that the person or organisation shares similar values, interests, and goals, then you can choose to follow them.

By following them you will receive their tweets within your own personalised stream. Your stream should become more useful as you continue to use Twitter and follow users.

It’s actually far easier than it sounds! So why not create a Twitter account today and give it a go. And if you follow the links provided below, you should understand everything you need to know within a couple of hours.


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