Project Management – Huddle


If you are not using software to help your organisation to manage projects, whether large or small, then you are making a mistake. Perhaps you have been put off in the past by complex software, daunting Gantt charts, and monolithic methodologies. When managing a project can be more work than the project itself!

Then relax. Things have changed. There is an easier way. Here is Huddle, and it’s here to help you!

Huddle is a combination of project management, file sharing, and collaboration. You can read about all of Huddle’s features here.

And, the best news is they also offer donated Huddle Packages for NonProfits! So why miss out, get enrolling today and you could get:

  • 25 Huddle users
  • 10GB storage space
  • 20 Huddle workspaces
  • All the great features of the Huddle Workgroup edition


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