WordPress for Beginners

If you would like a simple website, that;

  • contains a number of pages that you can edit, add, and delete.
  • looks professional
  • has the ability to blog (what is blogging?)
  • has community building features
  • has statistics showing you what is popular
  • and is completely free!

Then my suggestion would be to create a website at WordPress.com. You can be up and running with a website and/or blog within hours.

Here is a quick start guide and complete reference to building a website on WordPress.com. If you can’t find everything that you’re looking for in the guide, then you can find additional help and support here.

We also provide a full set of WordPress Training videos here to get you started.

This short video illustrates what you will be getting, for free.

[wpvideo BnChgpLD w=640 h=400]

Pretty good eh! To give you a bit more of an idea of what is possible, take a look at some of the designs that you can apply to your website.

Please note, that although free, if you wish to add certain functionality, use your own domain name, use a professional theme (design), or customise certain aspects of a free design, then you will need to pay for an upgrade.

Email is not provided with the free website! But you can display any existing email address that you already have, and ask people to contact you there, for example myname@gmail.com, or you can use contact forms which can be sent to any email address.

But, if you upgrade to a custom domain (for example weshinckes.me) then you can use;

  • email forwarding, this will forward any emails sent to mailbox@yourdomain.com to the email that you used to setup your WordPress.com account.
  • your existing email provider, so if you’d rather have full email hosting instead then you can connect another provider to your custom domain.

You can see all of the upgrades that are available and their prices in the WordPress Store.

It may be that you already have a domain name and email, in which case you can point them at your WordPress.com website.

Creating a free website on WordPress.com is a great way to get  a website online quickly, start blogging, learn about WordPress, and begin to build your community.

But if you would like additional functionality that either requires an upgrade, or is not available through the WordPress.com store. Then it may be worth considering a WordPress solution that you host for yourselves. Although the costs may increase slightly, and more technical knowledge is required, you will face very few limitations on what  you are able to achieve.

And if you have already got a WordPress.com website, but would like to expand beyond the upgrades, then you will be able to Import all of your existing content into your new hosted WordPress website.

Read more about hosting your own solution on WordPress for Intermediates.


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