WordPress – Languages and Multi Lingual Websites

Internationalisation of your website is an important consideration, in the future your projects may be transferable to other countries. And it’s good to know that by using WordPress, you help to ensure that your solution is more portable. Making it easier to transfer it’s benefits over borders, and share success between languages and cultures.

Being as you’re Active Citizens, you’re a pretty International bunch. So you will already be thinking, “Can I use WordPress in my language?“.

Yes, yes you can!

Depending upon your project, you may also be thinking, “How would I create a website/blog which uses more than 1 language? “.

Well, there are a few ways to go about it.

But my advice is to always build a website/blog for each language.

Even if you are hosting your own WordPress installation, and your implementation options are wider. You should stick with 1 language, even under a multi-site WordPress configuration.

It makes it more portable, which is more useful if the solution is to be used elsewhere.

But most importantly, it allows the solution to be adapted for, and customised by each community and cultures unique and specific needs. This ability to adapt, unrestrained by unnecessary overhead, may lead to more rapid experimentation, innovation, and increased project successes.

This approach, combined with open communication, and the transparent sharing of project successes and failures, should hopefully allow good ideas to move freely throughout a diverse ecosystem. Allowing them to find the ecological niches where they should prove immediately fruitful, whilst also being freely adaptable to the differing environments where they may find themselves in the future.


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